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Sewing Project: Fun Cat Print Zippered Pouch

A while back, I found a fat quarter of some really cute cat fabric at Joann Fabrics and decided to get it and use it to make something for my daughter, who loves cats. I recently realized that it’s perfect for making a zippered pouch to hold all kinds of fun things!

It only took me a couple hours from start to finish to make this bag, which I loosely based on the origami bag design from Amy Butler’s Style Stitches. It’s the easiest project in the entire book, it has some smart design decisions, and it turns out quite well if you are careful with the zipper installation and ignore a few of her directions (such as shortening the zipper…just make the panels 1″ wider than your zipper!). The gussets help the bag stand up, and they also help prop the bag open for you.


I used a hot pink zipper, a fat quarter of pink fabric for the lining, sturdy fusible interfacing, and contrasting turquoise blue thread. I’m really pleased with how the zipper turned out. It looks so neat and pretty. I guess I’m finally getting the hang of basic zipper installation!


The bag is just the right size for stashing lots of goodies to distract a fidgety preschooler — coloring books, crayons, stickers, play jewelry, toy cars, and snacks — and it also fits in my purse!

By the way, I am going to be very careful about buying fat quarters from Joann Fabrics again. The cat fabric was fine, but the solid pink fabric felt cheap and it was cut very crooked — like a rhombus with two very curved sides. I ended up with less fabric than I paid for because I had to cut off those curves to square up the edges. In addition, the pink fabric tried to tear in a few places and the fabric’s weave shifted out of alignment in others. I think I’m going to go with quality Kona cotton or Moda solids in the future!