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Preserving Vintage Patterns

My current project is a 1940s toddler dress with scalloped overlay (more on that later), and it has made me think about preserving my vintage patterns. I hate to admit it, but until now I’ve been keeping my vintage patterns in a pile in a drawer. You’d think I’d know better, being a historian and all! I’ve also been using the physical patterns while cutting instead of making copies. Shocking! Scandalous! Shameful!

Well, I have repented and I want to testify about the gospel of preserving vintage patterns.

I hope you read that in a twangy Southern accent.

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Sewing Tip: Going to Extra Lengths with Facings

Here’s a sewing tip: always always ALWAYS add a little extra to every facing piece on garments. This is obvious when it comes to bias tape, but perhaps not as obvious for things like facings cut from pattern pieces. If possible, cut the ends of facings just a bit longer, extending them past the end of the pattern piece by a half-inch or more. This will give you a bit of wiggle room in case the facing comes up short for one reason or another (errors in your calculations or in the pattern, or some idiosyncrasy with the fabric). In almost all cases, the excess can be trimmed away or tucked into the finished edge.

Why am I bringing this up? Because even after allowing a tiny bit of wiggle room, a facing for a project has come up short and I will not be able to properly finish the edge. If I had planned ahead, I could have added a half-inch and that would have been enough. Now I have to come up with a workaround and it will probably look ridiculous and messy instead of neat and professional! Thank you, Simplicity, for wrecking yet another project with your shoddy patterns and poor instructions.*

* I know I said I’d never use modern Simplicity patterns again, but it’s for a specific type of costume for my husband and there were no other pattern options available.