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Small Victories

I’ve been wrapped up in all sorts of projects lately so I haven’t been able to sew very much (let alone update my blog), but here’s an update on what I’ve been doing.

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Second FBA on New Look 6107

Thanks to the guidance of my mentor Claire Kennedy, I finally figured out how to fit New Look 6107 to myself!

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Toddler-size Quilt and a Look at My Quilting Process

Before my daughter was born, I made curtains, nursing pillow covers, and a crib organizer from coordinating fabric for her room. Two of them — a pink floral stripe and a yellow with subtle white vines — were from the Simply Sweet collection by Barbara Glass, and one was a lime green with white polka dots that I found at a fabric store. I loved the way the colors looked together. I didn’t want mushy pastels or anything babyish for her room, and the bright colors would be exciting, cheerful, and still suitable for her when she grew into a toddler.

The final piece I wanted to make for her room was a quilt. I’ve never quilted before, but after reading a few guides, I figured that it wouldn’t be too difficult. I started on the quilt while I was still pregnant and managed to piece much of the top together before my daughter was born. The craziness of having a newborn kept me from finishing it, and shortly before her first birthday, I picked the project back up again and decided to finally finish it.

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Little Girl’s First Easter Dress & Pattern Review of Simplicity New Look 6792

Having a baby means that you have an excuse to sew lots of adorable things. The downside is that having a baby sometimes keeps you from sewing. Nevertheless, I managed to sew a dress for my daughter’s first Easter. I want to sew her a dress every year so that she’ll have a collection of pretty dresses and memories…at least until the dreaded day when she says, “Mom, this year I want to buy my Easter dress in a store.”

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