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Well, At Least I Tried…

I couldn’t revive that 1940s red satin cocktail dress.

I was close to finishing it but I thought it might be too big, so I just basted the sides where the zipper would go and tried it on. Sure enough, it’s HUGE in the waist, hangs crooked on my body, and the seams are — for lack of a better word — wompy (bumpy and misaligned). The parts that I sewed recently are passable, but the parts that I had sewn poorly two years ago are showing up at noticeable points, like the top of one shoulder.

At this point, I don’t know if I can fix it. I will definitely need the help of a serious dressmaker because the waist will have to be fitted while I am wearing it. For now, I’m setting it aside and vowing never to make another garment in satin again. It’s evil.