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My New Friend

This afternoon, I went over to a local sewing shop and picked out a new sewing machine: the Janome DC2011.

A friendly clerk let me sit down and try it out. Immediately, I was amazed by how quiet and smooth it was compared to my Singer! I realized that I could actually listen to music and podcasts while sewing instead of having the machine periodically drown them out. The presser foot is adjustable (which means that I can finally sew through layers of thick fabric), it’s electronic, it has 50 different stitches and several different feet (including a much-needed walking foot!), and it has a speed governor to prevent those “runaway” moments.

It was just what I wanted, but I was afraid to spend so much money! My husband of all people had to talk me into it. He’s such a wonderful man. He knew I really wanted that machine and that I was trying to deny myself and cheap out.

I think the Janome is a good investment and I expect to get many years of use from it. At the very least, I won’t be as frustrated when I sew!