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Small Victories

I’ve been wrapped up in all sorts of projects lately so I haven’t been able to sew very much (let alone update my blog), but here’s an update on what I’ve been doing.

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Sewing Project: Dress-up Bedlah and Play Veils

I finished a project! Hooray! After weeks — no, months — of being afraid of working with chiffon, avoiding sewing anything, and suffering from sewing project ADD, I buckled down and got something DONE. I made a bedlah (bellydancer costume) for my daughter, who is currently in love with bellydancing. Bellydancing is a new hobby for me and I love it. My daughter has picked up on it and, being a fearless child with absolutely no hang-ups about her body or her abilities, loves to dance with reckless abandon.

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Sewing Project: Blue Watercolor Easter Dress

Yesterday afternoon, I finished making my daughter’s Easter dress. For once, I actually finished something several days ahead of schedule instead of the night before the event, so that’s a major accomplishment for me!

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New Look 6577 – Pattern Adjustments

I’ve been working on my daughter’s Easter dress using New Look 6577 and gathering the materials here and there. I had to make two muslins before I found the right fit for her. The first muslin was in size 2, and while it fit her through the shoulders and chest, the bodice was very short. The bodice was 2 – 2 1/2″ above her belly button instead of only 1 1/2″. I made the second muslin a size 3 so that she would have a tiny bit of room to grow. I also extended the bottom of the bodice an inch. I’m very pleased with the length and mostly satisfied with the fit in the chest and the shoulders, so I’m ready to make the actual dress.


Now for the fabric! I will be using a lovely blue and green floral cotton print for the bodice and the skirt, and I’m using a coordinating deep blue cotton solid for the yoke and the flounces. I’m planning on making a blue sash as well. The dress looks so lovely in my head, so I hope I can make it just as lovely in reality!