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Sewing Project: Curtain Do-Over

I’m finally feeling well enough to focus on blogging again. The flu is absolutely evil and January is the worst month of the entire year, so I’m still feeling pretty down. I’ll survive, and I’m determined to stay focused on my work so that I can power through this bleak month.

I meant to cover all of my 2012 sewing projects before 2013 arrived, but that didn’t work out. I’m going to get caught up as quickly as I can and then outline my 2013 sewing goals. At this rate, I might be done by…oh…February.

One of my goals was to redo the curtains I made for my daughter’s room. After we bought our 1920s bungalow in the fall of 2011, I decided that the curtains I made for her at our old house just wouldn’t do. I was never happy with them anyway. The only fabric I liked, Simply Sweet by Barbara Glass, came in quilter’s cotton, not home decorator weight fabric, and quilter’s cotton only works with certain types of curtains. Roman shades are not one of those types! Continue reading ‘Sewing Project: Curtain Do-Over’