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Vintage Vogue 8875 – Cherry Blossom Dress

I mentioned a while back that I wanted to make up Vintage Vogue 8875 in a silky poly floral fabric I had been saving for a special project, and I decided to jump right into it and make myself a new dress for my cousin’s wedding. The wedding was set to be a very classy affair in black and white — much fancier than the usual Southern Baptist weddings I’ve attended where people sip punch made from ginger ale, pineapple juice, and orange sherbet while nibbling on a cake baked by the bride’s aunt.

In other words, MUCH fancier than my own wedding.

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The Handbag of DOOM: Amy Butler’s Blossom Bag

There it is, looking all ominous and menacing. It’s my version of Amy Butler’s Blossom Handbag from her hit book Style Stitches: 12 Easy Ways to 26 Wonderful Bags.

“Easy?” No. Kiss my made-in-America butt, Amy, because not all of your patterns are “easy.” A more accurate title would be Style Stitches: 12 Ways to Make 26 Bags But It’s Just 11 Bags With Different Handle Lengths and Sizes and a Checkbook Cover, and Roughly Half of The Projects Will Make You Use Swear Words You Didn’t Know Existed and Throw This Book Across the Room!

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Little Girl’s First Easter Dress & Pattern Review of Simplicity New Look 6792

Having a baby means that you have an excuse to sew lots of adorable things. The downside is that having a baby sometimes keeps you from sewing. Nevertheless, I managed to sew a dress for my daughter’s first Easter. I want to sew her a dress every year so that she’ll have a collection of pretty dresses and memories…at least until the dreaded day when she says, “Mom, this year I want to buy my Easter dress in a store.”

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