FBA on New Look 6107 = FAIL

Just made another muslin of New Look 6107 with a full bust adjustment using the Palmer Pletsch slash-and-spread method, and it was another failure.I had to add a side dart, which was very difficult because I couldn’t even tell where it needed to go so i just put it on the horizontal slash. I thought I needed to move the vertical dart, but it seemed to be in the right place. The final result was a shirt with bust darts that were too long and a vertical dart that looked like it was in the wrong place. I didn’t take a picture of it because it looks really horrible and I’m too angry to deal with the process of editing, watermarking, and uploading a photo.

I have no other choice — well, other than just completely giving up — but to get real help with this and have someone teach me. This makes me unbelievably angry. My self-confidence is taking a huge hit because I’m accustomed to teaching myself everything. Almost everything I know about sewing is self-taught; I figure out how to imitate techniques, I do research and follow diagrams or written instructions, or I use trial-and-error. I really don’t like having to get someone else to teach me something that isn’t even that difficult to comprehend. Other sewists have figured this out without having to take a class or get someone to show them, but apparently I’m just not that brilliant or talented.


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