More Thoughts on This Maddening Pintuck Blouse Project


This is a follow-up to yesterday’s lengthy post on a pintuck blouse project. This will be a bit rambling and almost stream-of-consciousness, but it’s all part of the process!

This morning I realized that the cream crepe has a light vertical texture to it, so I don’t think I can do anything bias-cut with it. That means that #3 isn’t a good idea. I’m also starting to think that pintuck fronts are just a bad idea in general for me because they create a long flat front panel that makes me look frumpy. Tucking the blouse in would show my waistline, but I hate tucking in blouses because that makes me look frumpy too.

So…I’m running out of options very quickly. Vogue 8857 is out, New Look 6104 is out, Sorbetto probably won’t work with this fabric, and that leaves me with New Look 6107, which I had set aside for two other fabrics. If I make 6107 in cream, I’m going to have three blouses in that style, and that’s too much devotion to one pattern without much variation.

#4 is starting to look like the easiest route right now. I could put the crepe in my stash and save it for a more suitable project, like a different blouse pattern (no pintucks or ruffles) or using it to line a sheer dress or skirt. I’ve got a couple of knit fabrics that I can try out. Both were inexpensive so I won’t feel awful if I botch the project.

Or…I could make a very basic shell or fitted button-up blouse from the crepe. No pintucks, maybe some ruffles in the right places, but overall very simple in construction. New Look 6104 would work if I add those vertical darts, and I have another pattern in my stash that might work too.

Ugh, I don’t know. Maybe I should just back away from this project for a while and make something else. Heaven knows I have other projects I could do, and shifting my focus for a while might help me figure this project out down the road.


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