Sewing Project: Modern Baby Quilt

Time to cross my first project of 2013 off the list! The modern baby quilt is finished! I took some photos of it to share before I ship it off to its recipient, who is due to be born in a few weeks. I hope this quilt provides plenty of warmth and comfort for him in the future!

As I mentioned in an earlier post, the design was based on this quilt, and I used fabric from Thomas Knauer’s Savanna Bop line.

Modern Baby Quilt 2013-02-11 004

Ta-dah! It’s very basic but it does a great job of showing off those fantastic prints. 8″x16″ rectangles on the left, 8″x8″ squares on the right, 8″ strip down the middle, 1″ sashing all around, and the finished size is about 34″x44″. I tried to add some extra interest to each section when I quilted it by stitching along the features of each print. The exceptions are the yellow elephant print and the bubble print. I can’t free-motion quilt (yet) and turning the quilt around and around is a huge pain, so I just stitched lines straight through those sections.

Modern Baby Quilt 2013-02-11 010

Modern Baby Quilt 2013-02-11 012

For the blue giraffe print, I stitched little “stair steps” between their feet for a neat Escher-style effect. Giraffes on stairs! How fun is that?

Modern Baby Quilt 2013-02-11 016

For the orange rhino pinwheels, I stitched a grid onto the fabric to highlight each pinwheel.

Modern Baby Quilt 2013-02-11 030

For this whimsical print, I stitched around each shape to make them pop!

Modern Baby Quilt 2013-02-11 023

For this green vine print, I simply stitched straight down some slightly crooked white lines that were part of the print to bring out the vine effect.

Modern Baby Quilt 2013-02-11 025

All this stitching even made the back of the quilt look interesting.

Modern Baby Quilt 2013-02-11 028

Here’s a shot of the binding. I cut the green vine print on the bias so that the vines would wrap around the edge of the quilt.

I have to give a shout-out to my sweet little Janome! It was very cooperative and this quilt turned out much better than the quilt I made on my cantankerous old Singer. Its special walking foot and precise quarter-inch seam foot were very helpful. Still, I think I have room to grow when it comes to my quilting skills. I need to keep making quilts and practicing, which won’t be a problem because I am piecing together more quilt ideas in my head! Hahaha! Ahem…sorry, that was a terrible pun.

Anyway, quilting is going to have to take a backseat for a bit because my next project will most likely be my daughter’s Easter dress. I’m getting an early start on it this year because it will be quite a challenge this time!


1 Response to “Sewing Project: Modern Baby Quilt”

  1. 1 Stephanie Godin February 11, 2013 at 7:02 pm

    Thank you so much again Cortney! I love it just from the pictures and cannot wait to see it in person!

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