The Zombie Vamp Dress!

It’s been a while since I updated this blog because things have been pretty hectic around here. We bought a house and I’ve been busy with the buying process, fixing up the house, packing, moving, and unpacking, and during the downtime I’ve been working on lots of sewing projects. My big project for the past month has been a Halloween costume for my husband: a Jedi robe, tunic, and obi. It’s almost done, and I only need to hem the robe and put a casing around the seam where the hood meets the collar, so it should be ready in time for a Halloween party this weekend. I’ve had to put it on hold, however, because I have another project that has crept up on me!

A couple of years ago, I tried to make a 1940s cocktail dress out of cranberry red satin. My skill levels were just not up to the task — back then, “easing in” sent me into a fit of rage — and my awful Singer tried to mangle the satin. I stuffed the half-finished dress into a plastic bag and threw it into the back of my sewing cabinet in disgust. I decided that if I ever improved my skills, I’d try it again.

Back to the present: I have a special event coming up this week that has an “old Hollywood glamor” theme. After being unable to find a vintage dress for it, I decided to bring the 1940s cocktail dress back from the grave. Spooky, I know. I’ve nicknamed it “the zombie vamp dress.”

So far, it’s going pretty well. My Janome lets the satin glide right through and joining the concave and convex curves while easing in the excess isn’t difficult for me anymore. What’s infuriating is that I can see all the idiot newbie mistakes I made back then: not cutting points for aligning pieces, not sewing all the way to the end of of a seam, and not backstitching with the machine at the beginning and end of every line of stitching!

Bonus challenge: I need to finish it in a day and a half, and it’s about halfway done so far but the really hard part (lining the bodice) is coming up next!




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